Choosing Interesting Research Paper Topics: Some Great Ideas

There are many forms of assignments that students will be given over the course of their school career. These include essays of varying nature, research papers, dissertations, and point-of-view articles, not to mention science and math assignments. One of the more difficult tasks is choosing a topic. While all assignments have an importance, choosing a great topic for a research paper is of high importance to students. Some teachers and professors will pre-assign a specific topic that the student must write about, but many times the student has to choose their own topic. Here are some great ideas for choosing interesting research paper topics as well as some examples.

What to Choose

There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a topic; interest, prior knowledge, ability to research, resources available, and uniqueness. These are all vital factors in choosing, not just any topic, but a great one. First, consider all of the things that interest you. Things that you have a special love for, things that are in your everyday life, things that you are or could be passionate about.

Next, consider things that you already have a basic knowledge and understanding of. If you already have some knowledge of the subject, it will be easier to find what you need for the paper. Other factors that deserve consideration are the resources that are available and how easy it will be to research.

List of Possible Topics

Of course, the topic that you choose will have to be relevant to the class you are writing the assignment for, but here is a list of potential topics from different subjects.

  1. Are children smarter and more sociable because of the internet?
  2. Is terrorism ever acceptable?
  3. Are fast food restaurants really to blame for obesity?
  4. Is it a good idea to arm the pilots?
  5. Is global warming real or a hoax?
  6. Antibiotics, bug sprays, and steroids; are food manufacturers killing us?
  7. History of music
  8. Intelligence in the criminal justice system
  9. Online versus traditional college
  10. Should the US stop importing toys from China because of lead poisoning?
  11. Is the “No child left behind” act really effective?
  12. Noise Pollution

Final Tips

When choosing a topic it is a good idea to start broad and then narrow it down. Begin with something that encompasses a wind verity of areas such as the Internet. Then narrow it down to something more specific such as social networking. Then narrow it down farther to a specific social media site such as Facebook or Twitter. After this stage, narrow it down to a particular detail of the site such as “How does Facebook affect your everyday life?”. Now you have a topic.