Ideas to come up with great research paper topics

According to many writers, the most challenging part of writing a research paper is how to start. Selecting a topic comes after this starting point. Starting takes a great deal of a student’s time, and at times imagination fails to work in favor of the student’s point of view. Composing a research topic requires either getting inspiration from sources such as published research, news headlines, real-life, teachers, course materials, etc. or generating one from scratch.

Begin by observing your interest

If numerous topics that interest you seem confusing to you, then settle on what is interesting to you the most. Avoid settling on simple research paper topics just for the sake of completing the task faster. If allowed to select a topic to write a paper, then seize the opportunity to compose something unique. Put down the list of what interests you and decompose every idea to smaller and simple topics. With a list of potential topics, it can be easier to decide and consider a specific issue. Next, consider the aspect of the topic that is preferable to you and outline your paper.

Check the Information

If the selected topic is the backbone of your research paper, its body’s content is essential. Ensure that the research paper topic ideas you settle on have adequate information to write the research paper’s main body. To gather information for your topic ideas, use the following sources, articles, offline and online textbooks, and other authoritative sources that deal with the explanation of scientific matters and review of topics in your field. If you choose controversial topics for your research topic ideas, then prepare to look for solid arguments to support the thesis statement.

Types of research questions

As you plan to formulate your research questions, take keen note of the following kinds of research questions.

  1. Descriptive: They make use of comprehensive and careful observation of trait, subject, and event/phenomena to characterize them in detail and to reveal exciting and patterns or aspects.
  2. Causal: It investigates if changing some variables can result in changes in other related variables, thus suggesting a causal relationship
  3. Comparative: They look into the differences and similarities between two or many entities.

Great research paper topics

The following are features that characterize great research questions:

  • Concrete and specific: The objectives for investigation and the expected results should get focussed and clear.
  • Original: It should have original and authentic relationships/entities/aspects that are already researched
  • The outcome should be incredibly important or impactful to society, community, or professional field.
  • The research paper must be relevant to potential reviewers or readers.
  • The research topic idea should be trending. Emerging topics usually spark interest because of their unexplored potential and novelty.

The following are sample research topics:

  1. The place of placebo treatment in modern society
  2. Strategies to avoid using animals for testing
  3. Disadvantages and advantages of medical marijuana
  4. The benefits of being vegetarian on a child’s health
  5. Effects of standardized tests on the quality of education
  6. The costing of education in modern society
  7. The effects of social networking on secondary schools
  8. The benefits of modern technology on lesson planning
  9. Strategies to minimize global warming
  10. How to manage global rapid population growth
  11. The safety of nuclear power to the human race
  12. The effects of GMO food on a human being
  13. The effects game console on youth development
  14. The extent and breadth of women equality quest