Punflay does it Again!

Name of App: Cell and Cell Structure
Developer: Punflay
Free or Fee: 1.99
Rating: 5






Punflay continues to be one of our very favorite developers. You can count on their apps to be engaging, interactive and developmentally appropriate. This holds true for one of their newer releases, Cell and Cell Structure. This app is an essential app for high school and university level life science classes. Right from the opening screen with its live action screen of blood cells this app compels students to explore. Upon touching About Cell the student is presented with three options: All About Cells, Interactive Activities, and Videos. All About Cells gives students strong images and explanations around everything from What is a Cell to the Benefits of Multicellular Organisms. Under Interactive Activities students can participate in word searches, flashcards, and quizzes. There are four videos that show both animal and plant cells and the action of mitosis in each. As has become the standard with apps from Punflay, the graphics are outstanding. This is one of the few apps that we give a 5 star rating! A true bargain for 1.99.

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